winter limo rental in edmonton

Is it safe to rent a Limo in Winter when the roads are slippery

Travelling in winter is risky. The slippery roads are prone to causing accidents. But either way, some journeys are unavoidable. You ought to take a stride and combat that fear of the unknown. Making an informed decision is crucial. You
need to hire a vehicle which will guarantee your safety and help you in keeping
time. A limousine will definitely do you justice
during the winter. Let’s Read More…

Hire a limousine to go to an Oilers game in Edmonton this season

I love limos and there are a number of reasons
to support my love for the big machines. Getting a limousine arrival to an
Oilers game this season in Edmonton screams more class than any other classical
means. Driving a car the size of a typical limousine is downgrading the
classical look and feel that you get from the people who will experience your
arrivals and departures. As said before if yRead More…

What You Need to Know About Different Types of Limousines

Are you thinking about booking a limousine? You might be thinking that you have just one option – the traditional white stretch limo. Actually, that is not true. There are different types of limousines. You’re not stuck with the traditional black stretch limo if you need a larger or smaller vehicle. Read on to learn which will best suit your needs. Executive SUV Limo They’re extremeRead More…

Prom Limousines in High Demand

Prom season is fast coming up, and for those who have money saved up, then it would be great to go in style. Tailor made suits and dresses aside, how you get to the venue is one of the things that people will best remember, and if your parents are not that confident in lending you the car, or if you’re too embarrassed to bring your ten-year-old rusty sedan, then luckily there’s another option Read More…

Stretch Limo Rental Guide

Have a special event planned for any time recent? Is it a wedding, a concert, prom? Whatever the case, you have to agree, your manner of entry needs to make some heads turn on such a special occasion. Sharp tuxedos and gorgeous dresses alone aren’t gonna cut it. To make a lasting impression on your fellow colleagues, coworkers or just friends, it is befitting to arrive with style and grace. Read More…

Planning a perfect Wedding In Edmonton

Planning a wedding is not a very simple task. It starts with identifying a budget and ends with the marriage party. In between it you have to take care of a lot of things. The initial step is to lay down a budget and then get started managing and planning the other things considering the resources and requirement. Marriage is an auspicious day in everybody’s life. People want to make the day memRead More…

Travel Alberta in a Luxury Limousine

Alberta is without any doubt one of the most beautiful places on the Earth. Situated in the heart of western Canada, it affords the joy of witnessing the Canadian mountains for the tourists. You also get the chance to witness Canadian Badlands, a wind-eroded moonscape with multi-shaded canyons and coulees, and some of the greatest dinosaur finds in the world. Besides this natural beauty, AlberRead More…