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Have a special event planned for any time recent? Is it a wedding, a concert, prom? Whatever the case, you have to agree, your manner of entry needs to make some heads turn on such a special occasion. Sharp tuxedos and gorgeous dresses alone aren’t gonna cut it. To make a lasting impression on your fellow colleagues, coworkers or just friends, it is befitting to arrive with style and grace.

Stretch Limo Rental

If you agree, then you will also agree that an elegant stretch Limousine is the way to go but even stretches come in many shapes and sizes. Equipped with amenities such as their privacy dividers, the flat screen Televisions and much more. The ten passengers’ model should be more than enough for anyone’s needs and smaller models are also available.

Here, we will guide you on how to book a great limo for your special occasion. Here are some things you need to look at before choosing a particular company.

A limo company should have a verified license registration so that you know it is operating legally and the limo should be insured. It might also help to check for past complaints regarding the limo company.

As with everything else, Business experience is also important for a limo company. A company that has been in the business for decade is better than the one that started fresh and is well-acquainted with the needs of its clients. Often it happens that a Limo company may have been recently inaugurated but its operators have years of prior experience, so it is necessary to do a background check. It may sound tedious but it will ultimately make for hassle-free luxury time.

Driver screening is an important part of the process. A clean driving record and a drug test are the responsibility of the Limo Company that hires the chauffeur.

Inspect the vehicle before your night-out. Whether they be in person or through photographs, to ensure that the vehicle is as advertised and all the amenities are in place. You don’t want to be seen travelling in beaten up metallic piece of junk.

Select a company based on solid-referrals, either through word of mouth of a friend or the company’s own database of referrals which they should have to attract prospective clients. The referral are of other clients the company has served in the past and their feedback is important for you determine which Limo company is most suitable for you.

It is imperative for the company to have at least one 24 hours emergency number service so that it is easily accessible at any time, should any problems arise.

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Other than that, the general outlook of the company’s assets, their size of their fleet, the manner of dealing with clients, positive attitude says a lot about their integrity. It is usually the large professional limo companies that possess the stretch limousines as they are in charge of handling corporate accounts and these are the ones you should focus on.

The rest is up to you. There is a great variety for you to choose from and your choice would reflect your particular situation. If you want our personal advice, the 120″ Lincoln stretch is one the most popular ones for a wedding theme.

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